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North Shore Learning Center

The Second Chance Gospel Music Convention, Inc. (501 C3) is the mother organization of Second Chance Youth Empowerment Project which runs the “North Shore Learning Center” (NSLC).

The NSLC is a fledgling non profit (501 C 3) organization working on the fringes of inner city poverty on Staten Island. Founded by Emmanuel Wheager this organization is the younger sister to the Second Chance non-profit (
The organization has 1 full-time employee and 1 part-time employee. In addition, numerous interns and academic service-learning students contribute in the areas of administration, tutoring, computer literacy, and job Readiness and placement, interviewing. It operates out of the local community center at 35 Holland Ave. Staten Island, NY 10303.

Working in a section 8 housing area NSLC offers its services to 680 families who are located within walking distance. Its services include a job readiness program sponsored by the department of youth and development, a computer literacy program, an after school program, and a food pantry two days a week which it would like to expand. The pantry primarily serves individuals 55yo and older. The organization is also considering a drug rehab program.

In a disadvantage area where a high school diploma is an achievement, it strives to develop the 51 children in its after school program in an effort to break the cycle of poverty and lower expectations. In this regard NSLC sends children upstate each summer as well as a local day camp via van transportation.

Its job readiness program is sponsored by the Department of Youth and Community Development. However, it challenged by its community ‘s demands and is in need of many things – funding, volunteers, and a need to build strategic partnerships to help deliver their mission. It also needs a professionally skilled BOD to bring resources – cpa, lawyers, fundraisers, etc.

NSLC has strategic 3-5 year aspirations in the following areas:

4. Human Resources – needs a great BOD who understands the community and wants to help. However they need a strategy to locate quality board members.

Your task:
Examine the five areas above and determine if you consider these to be appropriate and realistic aspirations. If so, provide strategies based on concrete research that addresses any or all of these issues and will return results for NSLC.
Possibly, if you feel NSLC should go in a different direction from the five areas mentioned please provide a strategy that addresses same.
A thorough analysis is expected including financial reasoning, marketing reasoning and operational reasoning.

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