Business Research Methods

Weekly Progress

This concludes Week 2. Be sure to submit all assignments and complete the activities associated with this Module. Reach out to your professor if you need assistance or have a question. Once you are comfortable with the material in this module you should move on to Week 3.

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Week 2 Discussion

Discuss the following questions:

What are the differences between qualitative and quantitative methods?

  • What are the qualitative techniques our textbook introduced? What are their strengths and weaknesses?

Challenge your classmates or extend their posts.

Please submit your initial discussion post to Discussions – SafeAssign Checks for an originality check.

  • 250 word minimum.
  • Include at least two references.

Respond to at least one learner.


Answer the following questions:

  1. Define the differences between primary, secondary, and tertiary sources in a secondary


  • Develop the management-research question hierarchy for a management dilemma you or someone you know face at work or with an organization to which you volunteer.—

At least three-page length requirement. • Include at least three references.

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