Business Laws

This template is to be used in conjunction with the videos regarding Gaye v. Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke. The following questions are based on the video(s) below. Listen carefully to the report and all the “evidence” mentioned in the case.

Under the area of Classifications of Law, answer the following:

  1. This case was a private or public law issue?_______
  2. This case was based on civil or criminal law?________
  3. This case falls under which “Areas of Law that May Affect Business Decision Making”? __________________________
  4. Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams were both found liable for damages to the Gaye family?
  5. If so, what was the amount of damages awarded to the family? $____________
  6. What was the approximate profit made by the song Blurred Lines, if any?

  1. Regarding precedent: In the instant case [the case before us], there was mention that this case may set a bad “precedent” for the music industry; in legal terms, what does this mean?

  1. With regards to the monetary damages being sought, this case was likely one At Law or In Equity? ____________________
  2. Was this a state or federal case?________________________
  3. Which tier was this case heard at?____
  4. Was this case a jury or bench trial?__
  5. In which state was the case heard?______________________
  6. Did this case likely involve interstate or intrastate commerce?_
  7. Did this case involve a fundamental right?___
  8. Was this case based on Federal Diversity of Citizenship?_
  9. Was the Long Arm statute used in this case?____
  10. Did the federal court have subject matter jurisdiction over this case?____
  11. Evidence was presented in the trial thru witnesses or thru briefs?____
  12. Was trial the only option for this case?__
  13. Can the losing party appeal this case?_____
  14. At the end of one of the clips, the analyst mentioned that the family has the right to ask that future sales of the song be prohibited. What is the name of this type of order?______
  15. Is the remedy in #21 one At Law or Equity?__

Answer both:

  1. In your opinion, “just based” on what you saw and heard in the videos, does it appear there was a “violation?” __ AND Briefly explain.

1) 20150310 TUE0216 Nottingham 730 PKG BLURRED LINES TRIAL VERDICT – YouTube
2) Pharrell Williams Burred Line Testimony – YouTube
3) Pharrell Williams & Robin Thicke VS Marvin Gaye – YouTube
4) Blurred Lines Marvin Gaye Comparison Copyright Lawsuit – YouTube
5) Blurred Lines Vs. Got To Give It Up Judgment $5.3 MILLION!?!?!?! – YouTube

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