Business Ideas

I want you to help me do this after reading the example i have uploaded with this. Basically, my business idea is a waterless mobile car wash business that goes around to people’s home to carry out their car washing services in Ireland. The headquarter is in Dublin Ireland. So it’s basically a business plan assignment. I have uploaded the sample of what needs to be done for me just to give you an idea of what I want done.

Analysis, Better advertisement using external websites, Vital factors for great business, Suitability of proposed system, Market need for customisation, need for more customers, Direct link to availability, Time Wasted on using two systems, we should offer our own insurance.

I need answers to the below questions for the car wash from this below link

The questions should be for a car was business owner in Dublin, Ireland.
So basically, an interview. Don’t use the same question as the sample, try generating your own questions. I just put of the sample, so you have idea of what needs to be done. Just one single car wash business owner should be interviewed all these questions and should be 19-23 questions and answers.
Just any car wash business owner in Ireland will be interviewed and then write out his or her response.

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