Business Ethics

Assignment, Course eReserve, or other course readings (HYPERLINKS FOR URLs) (5 points) Provide complete APA7 reference citation from Trefry Library that is a peer- reviewed or scholarly
source (HYPERLINKS FOR LIBRARY URLs) Points Value (100) Points Earned
(1) Identify company you have chosen for the Week 7 Course Project: Denny’s Restaurant LEAVE THIS BOX BLANK McGuire, S., Mahdavian, B., & Yavari, A. (2015). Denny’s learns to manage diversity. I-
Manager’s Journal on Management, 9(4), 48-72. 10
(2) Ethical dilemma: Ignore racial and other Chapter 3.3, Business ethics. Openstax.
Brewster, Z., Lynn, M. & 15
Choice made: incidents of discrimination in [from Week 4 eReserve] Cocroft, S. (2014). Consumer

The company you chose service at Denny’s racial profiling in U.S. had 2 choices in an Restaurants, allowing racial restaurants: Exploring subtle ethical dilemma: the one discrimination to proliferate forms of service it chose and another at Denny’s Restaurants discrimination against black option it chose not to diners. Sociological Forum, follow. In the ANSWER 29(2), 476-495.
box for this line, identify the option (course of action) the company chose to do. Answer in one phrase or sentence.

(3) Ethical dilemma: Enforce civil rights laws with Chapters 1.3, 3.3, Business ethics, McGuire, S., Mahdavian, B., 15
Identify the company’s respect for all Openstax & Yavari, A. (2015). Denny’s other option (course of employees/customers & [from Week 4 eReserve] learns to manage diversity. (action) in the dilemma disciplinary action for Manager’s Journal on
that the company chose violations of policy Management, 9(4), 48-72.
NOT to follow.
Answer in one phrase or sentence.

(4) Ethical Framework One
Which ethical framework is illustrated by the company’s Egoism American Public University System. (2021). BUSN311.Lesson 5, Corporate ethics: Other ethical theories, egoism. Wooten, L. & James, E. (2010).When firms fail to learn: The perpetuation of discrimination in the workplace. Journal of Management Inquiry, 13, 23- 15
decision in the ethical dilemma?
You must select one of the following frameworks:
*Free Market Ethics,
*Utilitarianism, *Egoism 33. DOI: 10.1177/1056492603259059.
(5) Ethical Framework Two
Identify an ethical framework that, if followed, could have led the company to make a different decision.
You must select one of the following frameworks:
*Virtue ethics,
*Deontology, *Ethic of care Ethic of care Halbert, T., & Ingulli, E. (2008). Law & ethics in the business environment. Chapter One. (6th ed.). South-Western Pub.
[Lesson 5] Elley-Brown, M. & Pringle, J. (2021). Sorge, Heideggerian ethic of care: Creating more caring organizations. Journal of Business Ethics,168(1), 23- 13. 15
(6) Legal Issue Identify a legal issue from our studies related to the company’s decision. Constitutional Law – Commerce Clause & Civil Rights Act of 1964. Race discrimination serving customers Chapter 4 in Government Regulation and the Legal Environment of Business. (Week 1 eReserve) Brewster, Z., Lynn, M. & Cocroft, S. (2014). Consumer racial profiling in U.S. restaurants: Exploring subtle forms of service discrimination against black
diners. Sociological Forum, 29(2), 476-495. 15

(7) What did you learn? (Recommendation) Based on your analysis of this case study, recommend one business practice for any business for smart and ethical operations
— (not specific to your chosen company) Establish a top-down policy of equity and inclusion that includes company-wide involvement in workshops and training in positive communication Best practices for employers and human resources/EEO professionals. (n.d.)
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
[Week 6 eReserve] Yang, K. & Konrad, A. (2011). Diversity and organizational innovation: The role of employee involvement.
Journal of Organizational Behavior, 32(8), 1062-1083. 15

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