Business Concepts

Write a Business Report of 2,500 words to the following brief:
“There can be little doubt that those activities which contribute to the efficient
introduction and exploitation of new improved processes and products are extremely
important for the competitive performance…”
(Freeman, 1989)
“Some companies have acknowledged that there is enhanced corporate reputation
to be gained through recognizing that capitalism will be most successful when it
cares for its customers, its producers, the environment and the communities in which
it operates.”
(McIntosh, 1998)
Innovation and business ethics are sources of competitive advantage and key
concepts in business practice. Using one of the five companies shown below:
• Assess the impact of innovation on modern business organizations.
• Assess the impact of business ethics and corporate social responsibility
(CSR) on modern business organizations.
The assignment must be completed as a Business Report, which should
• Knowledge and understanding of relevant modern business
organizations and business concepts (Innovation 25 marks, business
ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR) 25 marks = Total 50
• Research, analysis, and application of business concepts to relevant
modern business organizations (Innovation 20 marks, business ethics and
corporate social responsibility (CSR) 20 marks = Total 40 marks).
• Academic skills (10 marks)
Total 100 marks
The report should clearly discuss and explain the main key topics from the relevant
lectures on organizational aspects of business, innovation as well as business
ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR) and their corresponding
explanations in Chapters 1, 6, 9 & 10 of the module textbook Business in Context
(Needle, D and Burns, J, 2019). For further reading and academic sources, see
Use the key lectures, module textbook chapter topics, and your own independent
research to explain the use of innovation and business ethics and CSR in modern
business organizations from an environmental, organizational, or strategic
Research and critically assess both the company’s innovation and business
ethics/CSR strategies. With real-world company data and examples, assess the
extent to which they contribute to the company’s competitive advantage and
success. For example, you could apply Carroll’s pyramid of corporate social
References and formatting guidance:
Follow the recommended report structure. Include separate sections under sub headings, with an introduction and conclusion, that are consistent with the two
topics listed in the question. The word limit is 2500 words, not including the table
of contents, tables, diagrams, reference list, and appendices. You must use
Harvard Referencing (with in-text citations and reference list). Check spelling,
formatting, graph labels before submission to avoid loss of marks here.
Needle, D, and Burns, J., 2019. Business in Context. Cengage Learning. (Chapters 1,
6, 9&10).
Morrison, J., 2020. The Global Business Environment: Towards
Sustainability? London: Macmillan Education UK. (Chapters 9, 11&12).
Boddy, D., 2019. Management: using practice and theory to develop skill. Eighth
edition. Harlow, England: Pearson (Chapters 5&13).
Any three further academic texts (Journal articles or textbooks) that you locate on
the ARU Online Library. ARUL Digital Library sources available online (you must
include ARUL website URL for any ARUL Digital Library sources used in
ARUL Digital Library data bases available online (you must include ARUL website
URL for any ARUL Digital Library sources used in references): FAME Business
database, which contains detailed information on UK with up to 10 years financial
information, Business Source Premier, a searchable business and management
database with company information, and, with Financial Times articles and
special reports.
Relevant information found online pertaining to the company of your choice (visit
the website of your chosen company for its annual report and other necessary
UK news sources: BBC News, The Times, The Economist, The Guardian
newspaper, The Independent, The Telegraph.

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