Bullying in the Classroom

Bullying is becoming more and more commonplace in the classroom, even in schools once deemed “safe”. Teaching students how to share space with others at school can positively impact behavior both in and outside the classroom.

In this module/week’s challenge you will read about some ways bullying might look like at your school one day. The provided scenario presents several types of bullying, and you must identify three of them.  Read and study the scenario as you consider ways to keep bullying out of your classroom.

Specificity is important with this assignment; as you write your paper, you must continually ask yourself “why” and “how”. In your challenge you must discuss 3 types of bullying found in the provided scenario and ways that you can keep bullying out of your classroom. To earn full credit, your paper must employ specific and quality discourse.

Include the following discussion points in your challenge for each of the 3 types of bullying you identify and discuss:

  1. Identify a type of bullying you see exemplified in the provided scenario and how you recognize it.
  2. With reliance on peer-reviewed research articles, explain why you identify this behavior as bullying.
  3. Provide examples to explain why you think this type of bullying is showing itself in your classroom.
  4. Apply your solutions to demonstrate how you can prevent this type of bullying from becoming a part of your classroom environment in the future.
  5. Include discussion of how you will know that your solutions are effective. What changes will you see in your classroom?
  6. Cite the peer-reviewed research articles you use in your discussion and include a reference list of sources at the end of your paper.



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