Building Positive Peace

Writer, the following are instructor-provided steps. Please let me know if you have any questions! In this Unit, it will be just one written section of developing an argument for building positive peace.

You must read the following sections and watch the videos to be able to discuss them for the argument. All you have to do is type the page number in the bottom left search bar after the log in and it will take you right to it:

  • International Law: Barash – Pg. 100
  • A World Free of Nuclear Weapons: Schultz, Singer, others. – Pg. 91
  • Neither Victims nor Executioners: Camus – Pg. 225
  • Seeking a Solution to the Problem of War: Sharp – Pg. 233
  • On Human Governance: Falk – Pg. 254
  • Anti-War Activists – Where Are You: Bonney – Pg. 296

Videos for assignment:

  1. Teaching with the World Peace Game –
  2. A Realistic Vision of World Peace –
  3. Fighting with Non Violence –
  4. The World Beyond Global Disorder –
  5. When People of Muslim Heritage Challenge Fundamentalism –

Final Instructions:

Read through the articles and watch the various videos and in that build a consensus for what is positive peace. As you read through the assignments and videos – consider what it means to build a positive peace model, your assignment for his unit is to do so.

Combining what you have learned prior to reading this chapter along with the videos you are watching and the world around you, you are being asked to develop a guide to building positive peace.

This assignment is not just a simple, be peaceful and therefore we are, rather I am asking you to consider everything and to work on developing a plan, a class, a workshop etc. to guide the world toward a more peaceful environment.

As you may have learned already, peace may be the goal yet it is hard to accomplish, so I ask you to take this assignment seriously and guide me to being a better practitioner of peace, by teaching me, how you would create a program for developing and building peace, all for around 600 words.

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