Budget Forecast

Question 1

Critically discuss the following statements: Word limit for Question 3 – 750 words

•‘a budget is a forecast of what is expected to happen in a business during the next year’
•‘budgets are okay but they stifle all initiative. No manager would work for a business that applies control through budgets.’
• ‘any sensible person would start with the sales budget and build up the other budgets from there.’
•‘a budget trying to be realistic will not motivate best performance.’
• ‘only adverse variances are worth investigating, because favourable variances, by definition, must be good.’

Question 2

Write around 500 words explaining how segmenting the overheads can help in allocating overhead costs to individual jobs or services. You must support your discussion by real world examples and acknowledge the source of your information (referencing).

Question 3

This competency will allow you to dissect examples of workplace communication and construct solutions using communication methodology.


In your role as NoJax’s organizational behavior consultant, you continue to focus on the area of communication. Before this company can expand into other markets, there are barriers within their communication processes that need to be addressed. To help NoJax build better-working relationships with their employees, some areas of communication will need to be changed.

Use what you learned about workplace communication in this module to write a report that assesses the following areas of NoJax based on the company background document.

  • Identify perceived barriers within the management structure that may hinder the process of communication.
  • What are potential problems that management may have when communicating with employees?
  • Based on the culture of the company and management backgrounds, what do you think may be obstructing communication? Support your thoughts with relevant evidence from the company background.

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