Bronfenbrenner’s Bioecological Approach- Systems

For this assignment you will choose two of Bronfenbrenner’s systems and apply them to experiences from your own life. Use examples from your present day life or the past to show your understanding of the two systems you have chosen. You must then discuss how these events have shaped your development and influenced who you are today. If you are not comfortable writing about yourself, please come to me to discuss other options for this assignment. You do not need to include information that is too personal, you can choose anything over your lifespan to discuss, or you can include present-day experiences.

When writing your paper you must (not following the directions below will result in point deductions):
• Adjust font type to Times New Roman
• Adjust front size to 12 point
• Adjust margins to 1 inches on all sides
• Double space
• Print as one-sided… do not print front to back
• Staple your paper before handing it in, do not fold the edges, or paperclip- Staple it
• Please pay attention to grammar
• Please edit your paper after you have finished writing
• Your paper should be no more than 4 pages in length (be concise)
• If you refer to and include information from your textbook, the information I have provided of definitions, or any other resources you must include a reference page at the end of your paper (on a separate page), and if you know how to use in-text citations (included in my definitions document) please do so.
• If using a resource, you must paraphrase the information included in your paper. Papers should not be written with strings of quotations from a resource. NOTE: Any information that is not your own information (like personal experiences), cannot be included without references that are then paraphrased (like a definition, or discussion of a Bronfenbrenner system).
• You will be using first person in your paper, however your paper should be polished, written in a “professional” tone.

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