Body Systems: Reflection


Reflection explores knowledge and helps us gain insight into new perspectives and attributes.  
Its power lies in being able to help you develop your understanding of the way you learn and the subjects you are studying and to define your longer-term goals. It can help promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which are key to academic success. But it has further uses that relate to life skills: it is an essential part of personal development and prepares you for the world of work, encouraging you to develop the habit of analyzing your actions or events and considering the consequences (Gillett, Hammond & Martala, 2009, p.164).

Reflect on your experience in this course. 
The following questions may help you get started with your discussion:

ü    What aspects were most interesting to you and why? Refreshing on the different body systems in  as well as learning new things during the assignments and discussion posts.
ü    Which were most surprising, if any? Learning/ discovering others’ perspectives on the subjects during the discussion questions. (maybe find a better way to explain)
ü    What is the most useful piece of information you learned in this
ü    course? Useful history taking strategies, assessment strategies, pathophysiology course help with disease processes.
ü    How might you apply what you have learned to your work? It will help in my everyday practice as a bedside nurse( maybe add something else)

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