Biblical Leader

• Bible of your choice

Background Information
In the 2.2 Discussion, you chose a biblical leader who exhibited a minimum of three leadership qualities that nurse leaders can apply in a healthcare environment. In this assignment, you will summarize those qualities and your research on the chosen biblical leader.


  1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
  2. Research the biblical leader you chose in Workshop Two. Here are some resources that may help:
    d. Women in Scripture
    e. New international encyclopedia of Bible characters
  3. Prepare to discuss the following prompts:
    a. Provide a brief introduction to the leader that you chose for your biblical leader presentation.
    b. Summarize the three qualities exhibited by this individual which reflect transformational leadership. Provide a scripture citation that describes each quality.
    c. Select one of the leadership traits that is exhibited both by your chosen biblical leader and discussed in your class readings.
    d. Why do you believe this trait is necessary in our profession?
    e. Share an example of how this trait is applied in a nursing leadership scenario.
    f. Describe the impact this trait has on others in the organization.
  4. Whether written or spoken, interactions are expected to:
    a. clearly and thoroughly address the prompt with meaningful information that shows critical thinking.
    b. introduce your own ideas and questions to add greater depth to the discussion, rather than restating what your classmates have shared. (Include much more than “Great post,” or “I agree.”)
    c. refer to relevant course concepts as you discuss your learning together.
    d. develop insightful conversation by directly addressing your classmates’ ideas.
    e. demonstrate professionalism.
  5. Based on your educational setting, complete tasks in the instructions below.
    Online Instructionsclick to collapse contents
    After completing steps 1-4 above, continue with the following:
  6. Write an initial response to the discussion prompts and post it to the discussion forum by the end of the fourth day.
  7. Read and respond to at least two of your classmates’ posting by the end of the workshop. You are encouraged to respond to the follow-up instructor questions directed to you. Your responses to classmates should be a minimum of six sentences in length.
    Onsite Instructionsclick to expand contents
    SARA Instructionsclick to expand contents

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