Biased and Unbiased Samples

Determine whether each sample method is unbiased or biased.  If the method is unbiased, use it to make a prediction.  If the method is biased, explain why.

1.  A cable company representative randomly calls 250 households to determine how many customers subscribe to the movie channels.  Of the 250 households contacted, 22% do not subscribe to movie channels.  If there are 5,240 customers, how many do not subscribe to movie channels.

2.  Pete’s Twisted Pretzels just received a new shipment of pretzel sticks.  The manager must make sure that the shipment has not been damaged.  There are 100 boxes, each containing 50 bags of pretzels.  The manager decides to examine only the nearest 5 boxes.  He finds only 2 damaged packages.  What can he conclude about the entire shipment?

3.  The pizza restaurant asked its customers to visit a Web site to indicate their favorite pizza topping.  40% of the visitors said pepperoni, 30% said sausage, 25% said cheese and 5% said mushroom. What can the pizza restaurant conclude?

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