Topic 1-
Is the use of torture effective in Waiting for the Barbarians? When answering this question you may want to use some of the following to support your position– the elite unit of Colonel Joll and their treatment of the barbarians, the torture of the barbarian girl, the war against the barbarians, and the protest and incarceration of the Magistrate. In light of these events, make an argument either for the effectiveness or inadequacy of torture as it is used by the Empire.

Topic 2
After reading the “Historical Analogies” document and thinking about recent controversies over torture and NSA spying, please write an essay explaining the parallels between an historical or current event other than transatlantic slavery, the American Indian wars, or the Nazi Holocaust, and the moral and political conflicts detailed in Coetzee’s novel.

Topic 3
Relate the major themes in the novel to one or more of the stories told by the refugees on the New American Story Project website

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