Augmented Reality

Question 1

Respond to the following prompt: How would you describe your own ethical views? What are they based upon? What kinds of principles do you use to decide whether you think something is right or wrong? Give examples.

Remember, per the syllabus, you are required to write at least one and half pages (double-spaced). Use proper citations when you are quoting or paraphrasing someone or when you are drawing material from somewhere else. Otherwise, use your own words and thoughts. You must submit your work either as a Word document or as a PDF in order to get credit.

Question 2

Analyse the implications and challenges for the management of human resources in business organisations of the introduction of new technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), mixed or augmented reality (AR), computer vision and drones. (30% of total marks).

Using an appropriate example from your own organisation, critically evaluate the effectiveness of HRM in the introduction of such a new technology. In your evaluation, make reference to relevant literature, research findings and benchmark practices. (45% of total marks).

On the basis of your critical evaluation, make recommendations for future HRM practice in your organisation, demonstrating consideration of issues of feasibility and acceptability to key stakeholders. (25% of total marks).

Question 3

Critical discussion of a health promotion need including current influences on the problem, and responses to this in current policy and practice alongside potential innovations for future practice.

Write an evidence based rationale for an area of need in health promotion. Your main purpose is to argue why this area may need a health promotion intervention or programme, and to identify current policy and practice in this area and why it might not be working.

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