Attitudes And Boundaries


WK 2 Attitudes and Boundaries Discussion

Objectives: Summarize the importance of the three basic elements that are the foundation for working with people: warmth, genuineness, and empathy. Describe the importance of boundaries.

In this chapter we look at attitudes and to give you the opportunity to increase your awareness of attitudes and boundaries and to become more observant of your own ways of viewing other people, particularly those that you intend to help.

  • Read Chapter 5 in your textbook.
  • Watch¬†Empathy: The Heart of Compassion
  • In your discussion:
    • Summarize warmth, genuineness and empathy and why they are vital to the helping profession.
    • Identify what it means to have boundaries.
    • Describe some possible situations (at least two) where it may be important to have boundaries as a case manager.

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