Assimilation And Pluralism


Because of the way we practice panethnicity in regards to diversity, often specific groups do not receive the focus and attention that students may want them to. This is your opportunity to not only research a specific minority group, but to also describe how their collective experience in the United States differs from the dominant group in regards to power, prestige, and wealth. Your assignment will begin by choosing one of the following “_______- American” groups to research:

  • –  Jamaican
  • –  Peruvian
  • –  Dominican
  • –  Syrian
  • –  Amish
  • –  Iraqi
  • –  Caribbean

– Lebanese
– Egyptian
– Native Hawaiian – Brazilian
– Iranian
– Filipino
– Asian Indian

– Vietnamese
– Native (Any Specific Tribe)
– Hindu
– Buddhist
– African (Any Specific Country)
– Southeast Asian (Any Specific Country) -South Pacific (Any Specific Country)

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