Assignment Brief: Feasibility Report

Assignment Guidelines:
The main purpose of the feasibility report is to research and analyse and present and justify argument to support the establishment of a particular business of the student studied during the term.
The feasibility report will comprehensively include theories, analyses, and conclusions for the following themes:
• Cover sheet
• Market analysis
• Industry analysis and barriers to entry
• Industry analysis and gaps
• Customer research
• Organisational resources and capabilities
• Team analysis, CSF and supply chain, and person and personnel
• Cash, relevant metrics and the risks pertinent to the proposed business at this time, given competitive conditions, and in the relevant economy
• Recommendations Reflections and eureka
• bibliography and appendix.
• Quotations and references from Mullins J 2018 and from other materials included in the slides of the module.
The aim of the assignment is that the student should not only learn the composition of a feasibility report, and explore and understand each part and its relation with the other parts of the report, but also organise him or herself to produce a substantial and complex piece of work comprising many parts

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