Assignment # 3- Ethics and the Nursing Profession

This Signature Assignment illustrates the following Program Learning Outcome (PLO) #3: Practice the profession of nursing based on a set of core values which incorporate a humanitarian, altruistic and social justice perspective.


The purpose of this assignment is to guide the student in crafting a 5-7page scholarly paper that examines professional nursing values and behaviors. Ethics in the practice of nursing plays a significant role in the decision-making process used in caring for patients, their families, and communities. Many ethical dilemmas occur in the delivery of health care.  Some ethical situations are not clearly identified or recognized as such and may go unnoticed or ignored.  This paper will give the student a practice opportunity to examine and analyze a situation that presents as an ethical dilemma and the moral agency a nurse might use to address it.

The requirements of the paper will guide the student in improving his/her capacity to rely on personal values, education, experience, and moral responsibility to analyze an ethical situation, identify potential outcomes and its possible impact on the registered professional nurse and/or the nursing profession.


The requirements of the paper will guide the student in enhancing capacity to rely on professional and personal values, education, experiences, and moral responsibility to address an ethical situation, identify the steps for implementing moral agency, manage the outcomes, and reflect on the possible impact on the registered professional nurse and/or the nursing profession.

  • Paper must follow APA format to include: Title page, Abstract page, Body of the paper 3-4 pages, and Reference page (Maximum total of 5-7 pages, including the title page, abstract page, 3-4 pages of the body of the paper, and a reference page).
  • Paper should use Times New Roman #12 font, one-inch margins, double-spaced
  • This paper must be submitted as a word document to the Assignment # 3 link AND to the student’s nursing program E-Portfolio.

**Be sure to review the grading rubric for this assignment prior to completion.

Topic List: Students will be assigned a topic by the Instructor


Assignment details:

Students will start this analysis by reviewing the following two references:

American Nurses Association. (2015). Code of ethics with interpretative statements. Silver
            Spring, MD: Author. Retrieved from            e-of- Ethics-For-Nurses.html

Robichaux, C., Grace, P.,Bartlett, J., Stokes, F., Lewis, F.S., & Turner, M. (2022) Ethics Education for     Nurses: Foundations for an Integrated Curriculum, Journal of Nursing Eduation;61(3):123-130.          Published Online: March 01, 2022

The student will identify and discuss the ethical principles of concern involved in the identified topic, utilize the ANA Code of Ethics and Rest’s Four component framework for development of Ethical Behavior for Nurses, to analyze the ethical dilemma and the steps needed to identify and implement moral agency (or action) to address the issue. Finally, the student will reflect on the impact of ethical dilemmas on professional nursing’s moral distress and moral resiliency.

For this paper the student will be assigned a topic/subject from the list provided.

Use Headings to help guide your reader through the sections of this paper.

Title Page: (1 page)

Abstract: Between 150 and 250 words (1 page)

  • purpose is to report rather than provide commentary.
  • accurately reflects what your paper is about.
  • 1-2 sentences per section
  • Only include information that is also included in the body of your paper.
  • **TIP- Write the abstractlLast

Body of the paper: (3-4 pages, Times New Roman #12 font, one-inch margins, double-spaced) includes:

  • Introduction: 3-5 sentences includes: (included as part of the body of the paper
  • An attention-getter to draw your readers in and make them interested in the subject
  • A brief overview of the subject to be discussed in the essay or paper
  • A thesis statement that clearly states the goal or purpose of your essay or paper
  • Define the ethical issue of concern for assigned topic, discuss at least three or more details
  • Discuss 2 ethical principles that are relatable to your topic and are applicable in making a decision regarding the ethical dilemma in your selected topic. Autonomy, justice, beneficence, and non-maleficence are examples of ethical principles that may be considered in the decision. Describe three details that support your selection of each ethical principle.
  • Discuss 3 ANA Code of Ethics provisions from the that support the nurses’ moral agency for action to address the ethical issue of concern, provide a rationale for your selections. [See American Nurses Association. (2015). Code of ethics with interpretative statements]
  • Discuss 3 components from Rest’s Model of Four components of ethical behavior and describe the impact on the nurse’s steps to moral agency (or action) related to your selected topic. The Four components include moral sensitivity, moral judgement and reasoning, moral motivation, and moral character. [See Robichaux, Grace, Bartlett, Stokes, Lewis, & Turner (2022). Ethics Education for Nurses: Foundations for an Integrated Curriculum AND American Association of Colleges of Nursing (n.d). Moral Agency]


  • Clearly describe with details, the larger impact of this ethical issue on professional nursing and practice and the issues of moral distress and moral resilience. Support your analysis with evidence. [See Healthy Nurse Healthy Nation (2022). Moral Distress: What it is and what to do about it. AND Grace, P., (January 31, 2018) Enhancing Nurse Moral Agency]


  • Summarize your key points paper in the concluding paragraph.

References: (use 1 page)

  • Cite your references in the body of your assignment using APA format
  • Reference page must use APA format and include at least 3 additional references in addition to the  references provided.

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