Assignment 2: Group Research Design, Sampling, and Survey Design

Instructions: Answer each of question in this word document and submit this in Canvas. Be sure to explain/justify your answers. Cite the Krysik (2018) text as well as the Marsiglia et al. (2018) article and paraphrase as much as possible.

1) What is the rationale for using random assignment in experimental group research design? How is random assignment different from random sampling?

2) Describe the differences between probability sampling and non-probability sampling; discuss the strengths and limitations of each method. Then, briefly describe simple random sampling (a probability sampling method) and snowball sampling (a non-probability sampling method)

3) Using the Marsiglia et al. (2018) article, briefly

  1. Is this study an experimental, quasi experimental, or pre-experimental design? Why? Is this study quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods? Why?
  • Briefly describe the three conditions/groups in the study.
  • Specify the group research design with notation (i.e. O1, X, O2, etc.) for each of the three conditions.
  • Describe the sampling procedure that the researchers used. Is this considered random assignment or random selection? Why?
  • How many middle schools participated in this study?
  • What was the final sample size for participant dyads?
  • Briefly define what survey research is and detail some of the limitations of survey research.
  • Briefly define measurement validity and reliability (internal consistency).
  • In thinking about the quality of measures, why is it important to use valid and reliable measures in social work research? Please justify your answer using the Krysik (2018) text.

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