Assets and Liabilities

Question 1

Select a financial institution listed on the main board of Bursa Malaysia Berhad. Study the financial institution’s assets and liabilities, capital structure, liquidity position, exposure to foreign currencies, its risks and how the institution has covered its risks, revenues, expenses and returns. Present a report from the treasury management perspective on the financial institution’s treasury operations.

Marks will be awarded for method of analysis and findings, sound recommendation, presentation and overall conclusion.

Question 2

Some medium and large organizations use ERP to meet their information systems requirements. Investigate ERP and write an essay that explains what an ERP system is, the process and pitfalls of switching to ERP, the advantages and disadvantages of using an ERP system.

Question 3

You must produce:
1. An essay consisting 3000 words on “Copyright laws in Sri Lanka is unable to effectively respond to the challenges posed by digitalization and the Internet. Comparative analysis with EU copyright Law”
Copyright law is seeking to strike a balance between the rights of the creator and the copyright owner to manage and protect their businesses and work. Currently, copyright has become increasingly important, particularly in terms of accurately ensuring the source of information. The Internet has allowed the consumers across the globe to access information easily and with few boundaries. Yet this tool has also allowed the consumers to access and reproduce works without adhering to copyright requirements. How has the copyright law dealt with this problem and how can it seek to alleviate the boundaries set by internationality? These issues should be explored in this study which will focus upon a global struggle to enforce copyright laws with Special reference EU copyright Law, Digital single market and relevant EU directives.

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