Asset Protection

1. The fourth step in the analytical risk management process is:

a. To assess risks and determine priorities

b. To determine countermeasures

c. To assign cost-benefit analysis

d. B and C

2. The process of evaluating threats and the vulnerabilities of an asset to give an expert

opinion of probable loss or damage and impact of actions to take is part of:

a. Cost benefit analysis

b. Asset protection

c. Risk assessment

d. None of the above

3. An action taken or physical entity used to reduce vulnerabilities is better known as a:

a. A countermeasure

b. A risk manager

c. A threat assessment

d. All of the above

4. Cost benefit analysis;

a. Is part of the management decision making process

b. Includes a process where costs and benefits are weighed and alternatives


c. Neither A nor B

d. Both A and B

5. associated with countermeasures may be measured in terms of

inconvenience or personnel.

a. Actions

b. Vulnerabilities

c. Risks

d. Costs

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