Assessment On The Dell Case

Review the Dell case, the survey questionnaire instrument, and the SPSS data file containing the results of the survey questionnaire. In addition, review the SPSS help section on saving and using data sets.

To access the SPSS help section, go to the Help function within SPSS and follow this thread:
Help => Statistics Base Option => Reporting Results => Report Summaries in Columns => Report Summaries in Columns Options.
You will need to upload SPSS output files.

  1. Using SPSS, sum the Market Maven items (q10_1 through q10_4) to form a Total Market Maven Score.
  2. Using SPSS, sum the Innovativeness items (q10_5 through q10_10) to form a Total Innovativeness Score.
  3. Using SPSS, sum the Opinion Leadership items (q10_11 through q10_13) to form a Total Opinion Leadership Score.
  4. Compute Cronbach’s Alpha for each of the above items.
  5. Upload your SPSS output file(s).

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