Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Disorder

Welcome to Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Disorders! In this course you will examine DSM diagnosable disorders, gender and sexual identity development, and intimacy issues. You will learn treatment options for a wide range of clinical and relational needs. This course may push you out of your comfort zone therefore you will have a personal reflection journal to help work through your own thoughts, feelings, and transference that may create a barrier for your clinical work. As an entry level clinical it is important to have a working knowledge of relational needs, diagnostic criteria, and evidenced based individual and relational treatments.

During the week, please read Chapters 1 – 4.

1 Grasping the Intuitive Why Sex Is Important

2 The Sexual Narrative A Story Waiting to Be Told

3 Boundary Crossings in Clinical Practice

4 The Rich Ambiguity of Our Key Concepts Making Distinctions

Your introductory readings about Clinical Sexuality will be very important to you as you begin our course.

Professionals commonly destress from their work with clients by keeping a daily record or writing a page in a personal journal. You are to write a one-page journal entry sharing your observations of this week’s assigned materials, including the weekly readings and video clip, such as a seasoned professional might record their personal perspectives on timely topics. 

Your paper must be double spaced, include any required citations and references in APA format when necessary. As this is informal writing, no grading rubric will be used.

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