Assessment 3: Individual Creative Presentation

Assessment 3: Individual Creative Presentation (5 Minutes): Negotiating and Persuasion (40%). (Youtube Video (5Minutes) & Powerpoint Presentation (maximum 10slides excluding references))

The purpose of the presentation is for you to creatively illustrate and critique leader behaviours e.g. vision, values, emotional intelligence, negotiation, persuasion employed to resolve an organisational issue. You can choose either an effective or ineffective example of negotiation – and the key objective is for you to demonstrate your understanding and application of the theories, stages, strategies, tactics and skills of negotiation.

LO3: building on the work in LO1 and LO2 students will have a sound understand ing of what ‘being a leader’ means in behavioural terms as opposed to the position of leadership; students will focus on the impact of leader behaviour on followers and teams; they will understand how values drive behaviours, the impact of organisational culture, how trust is deployed, built or destroyed and its impact on performance;

LO4: understand the role of negotiation and persuasion strategies and the need for both essential skills; students will have opportunities to develop both skills and be able to demonstrate their competence on successful completion of this module.


  1. Choose an organisation, sector or individual, which is experiencing something which needs some type of negotiation and persuasion. For example, you could examine the issue of the gender pay gap –i.e. female negotiation skills – what areas of negotiation theory do female employees need to be aware of? how could this help them? Using theory how could they learn to negotiate better? Another example could be a sports or media star negotiating contracts; It could be the negotiation of an event

e.g. Olympics/World Cup e.g. Qatar 2022/ footballer transfer/music contract? What role does ethics play in negotiations? Why is this important? You could consider a

negotiation that had challenges e.g. LMVH/ Tiffany – you could examine who was negotiating (i.e. LMVH Bernard Arnault), their style and approach. Ethics, and how they used the negotiation strategies/techniques/tactics, which you have learned about on the module, to achieve the negotiation outcome. You could critique what was effective and ineffective and how an understanding of the theory could improve negotiations.

  • It must be an issue, which is current, and information must be readily accessible to you in the media and literature. You need to clearly state the context and the issue under negotiation and explain why it is important.
  • You need to identify the leader responsible (where possible) and give a brief critical perspective on their leadership in terms of their vision – is it clear? How is it communicated, understood and received? How important is this to the business? What are their Values? How do they demonstrate (or not) Emotional Intelligence in the negotiation? You need to use academic literature to support your work and reference this correctly using the Harvard Referencing style.
  • You must identify a clip or short piece of negotiation relating to that leader/ issue and organisation. Using different and creative presentation methods e.g. role-play , video links, media clips/ media text – you then need to critique the core negotiation and persuasion skills used.

Decide how you can demonstrate negotiation (e.g. using roleplays) effective/ineffective negotiation in the organisation, on your youtube presentation. Then critique, in your powerpoint, how applying the stages of negotiation could help improve negotiations You could use different media e.g. a twitter feed or blog.

Where possible you should critically evaluate the participant’s negotiation and persuasion skills, the process, the critical points and the outcome of the negotiation, in relation to the relevant theory you have learnt on the module.

  • You must demonstrate your use of academic theory e.g. vision/values/EI/ negotiation, persuasion – journal articles and books in your presentation. You must

reference correctly according to the Harvard Reference system – see library website for guidance.

  • Your Presentation must include a minimum of 4 academic references – at least one from each topic area – Vision, Values, Emotional Intelligence, Negotiation and Persuasion.

You must demonstrate your reading and referencing of the module material as well as your wider academic reading e.g. Northouse/ Academic Journal Articles and Business quality references e.g. FT/ Economist/ Forbes

  • You must also briefly critically evaluate what you have learnt on the module about your own negotiation skills and demonstrate this using negotiation theory and present your self-reflection
  • Presentation skills

This is a creative and academic presentation. You are expected to; and will be graded on;

  • demonstrating a high level of scholarship by drawing from a broad range of recognised sources, accurately referenced, and competently applying them
  • demonstrating creativity and research
  • demonstrating complete professionalism in the way you present yourself and your work
  • demonstrating professional delivery of the presentation
  • achieving the Learning Outcome

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