Aspects of Pharmacology

Extra Credit Written Pharmacology Work
A frustrating thing about a general Pharmacology course is that, while it may cover your area of interest, it also is general–and focuses on all aspects of Pharmacology. For this assignment, present the following: A brief case study of a patient in your area of medical practice. This patient MUST have a pharmacologic intervention. Discuss drugs used, doses, rationale for use, and duration–including why and when the drug may be discontinued. This should be original work but does not have to be pages long. This assignment will be worth 10 bonus points. See the example below:
A 68-year-old male patient presents to the ED with chest pain and SOB. (Do not include all aspects of history–only those that are pertinent to DRUG decisions for the patient)
Tests run to rule in/out a cardiac event include:
With the above data, the following meds at the doses indicated were started:
Medications A,B and C will be continued as at-home meds. Drugs D, E, and F were used while the patient was in-house, and were discontinued at discharge.
This assignment may be done at any time during the semester. Post your assignment in Discussions. There is no need to cross-post to a peer. It may be completed ONE time for a up to a 10-point bonus to the grade.

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