Asian Culture influence on human development

Comparative writings on how Asian culture influence an individual development as a human by developing from 4 sources: 2 in-class sources: “A Daughter of Han by Ning Lao Tai Tai and “The Brothers”. The 2 other sources is up to your choice, but it should be relating to the topic. 

Teacher’s guidelines:
The Term paper requires that you conduct prior research on a topic you will: (1) identify as most interesting to you, (2) relevant to the general themes studied in this course on “Literature of the Child,” and (3) present to me for prior approval. 

In your Term Paper you will focus on a topic of your choice, which has been previously approved by me. It should be comparative in nature, and should include at least one text/film we have covered in class this semester. Please follow the basic Reflective Entry guidelines for formatting. 

You are expected to use at least two secondary resources besides the primary resources, and the paper should be 6-7 pages long (Times New Roman #12, double spaced). It should demonstrate your ability to formulate and substantiate an argument or thesis, which is clearly stated in the beginning. It needs to follow the MLA format for research papers and have bibliographical references.

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