Artistic Expression

Question 1

Examine the many ways the U.S. Constitution places limits on law in the United States. Laws regulating speech, artistic expression, or gun ownership run the risk of violating various constitutional provisions.

Describe a state or local legal tenet that has come under fire for potentially violating a constitutionally protected freedom or right.

Describe the law that potentially violates a constitutionally protected freedom or right, describe the jurisdiction from where the law originates, and examine the constitutional violation.

This assignment needs to be in APA style,400 words and 2 to 4 references.

Question 2

Identify the roles of ethics and discretion in the criminal justice system and any issues that may arise from these.

Question 3

The Constitution includes the right to free speech and freedom of the press. In a minimum of three well-written paragraphs, respond to the following questions:

a. What part of the Constitution provides these guarantees?

b. Name and describe at least three

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