Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Practice of Law

You are my trusty placement student, and I would like you to prepare a short annotated bibliography on the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Practice of Law.

AI is already present in many facets of our lives, even if its presence is not always recognized as such. It has very interesting applications already in the practice of law, and its use is gaining ground exponentially. What are people saying about it or writing about it in relation to this typically traditional field that you are about to enter? How is it being utilized right now, and what are the predicted uses for AI in the future of legal practice? Are law firms embracing it as an aid to practice or seeing AI as the herald of misfortune? Will legal professionals thrive in the new world of AI, or will we become redundant? These are but a few of the many questions being discussed in relation to artificial intelligence.

Please get me up to speed on this contentious subject. I would like you to write an annotated bibliography on this topic.I expect a 6 article summaries for a total of 3 pages (excluding a cover sheet). Times New Roman 12 pt. font is expected, with normal margins. Please remember to number your pages and use single spacing for lines.

 Your sources will all be online articles and commentaries (secondary sources) written by experts in the field (peer-reviewed), so please use the APA format for citation of online articles and law journals. You may use the internet, journals databases, and LexisNexis QuickLaw to locate sources.

Use the typical format for a brief research memo

          To: Katherine Willis, Lawyer

          From: [Your name], Law Clerk

          Date: August 22, 2022

          Re: Annotated Bibliography on ………….. [you fill in the rest of the line]

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