Artifact Analysis: Stonehenge

Earlier in this class you assessed a wild claim and an academic claim in writing made about the Nasca lines in southern Peru. In this assignment, you will be assessing wild claims and academic claims, as well as constructing an argument using information from documentary videos regarding the site of Stonehenge in England.

This assignment addresses SLO 1 (Critically analyze claims, arguments, artifacts, or information) and SLO 2 for the course (Construct coherent, evidence-based arguments).

Stonehenge is a famous site located in Wiltshire, England consisting of rings of huge standing stones. This site is considered the most famous archaeological site in the UK and is one of the most visited. There is considerable public interest in Stonehenge, and as such, it has been the subject of numerous wild claims regarding ancient aliens and other supernatural forces.

First, watch the following videos, which make several wild claims about the site of Stonehenge. to an external site. to an external site.

Now watch the following academic documentary, produced by PBS for archaeological information regarding Stonehenge. to an external site.

NOTE: It seems the link is not working to view the Secrets of Stonehenge documentary. Here is a youtube link with the same documentary. to an external site.

Now, write a 2-page essay (double-spaced, 12pt. Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins) addressing the following questions:

  1. What are the competing claims regarding the purpose of Stonehenge? (SLO 1)
    1. What wild claim is presented regarding the purpose of Stonehenge?
    1. What claim regarding the purpose is Stonehenge is made by the archaeologists in the Secrets of Stonehenge documentary?
    1. Which of these claims has more evidence/data?
    1. What evidence/data is used to make each of these claims?
  2. Based on the videos you just watched, what do you think is the purpose of Stonehenge? (SLO 2)
    1. What purposes do you think Stonehenge served in Neolithic British society?
    1. What evidence from the videos supports your argument?

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