Article review International Relations

Understanding academic articles and explaining them in your own words. Being able to critically review an academic article and the theoretical assumptions it is based upon. Writing a short academic paper in which an academic writing style, a clear basic structure and correct references are present.
Academic articles are where academic debate takes place. Scholars build on each other’s work or contest other claims. In this assignment you attempt to take part in this debate by means of an article review on a topic related to a theme discussed in the International Relations lectures. You are to discuss one of two distributed IR-related articles (either Ikenberry 2015, or Barma et al (2009), to be found on Blackboard) and offer internal as well as external criticism. Discussing internal criticism requires you to break down the argument of the author, while external criticism calls for a deeper understanding and assessment of the theoretical assumptions that the author is basing his claims on. Your paper should consist of the following elements:
• Introduction
• Summarize the article in your own words. Pin down the (implicit) (theoretical) assumptions of the author, using the theories from the International Relations lectures.
• Offer an ‘internal critique’ on the author’s argument: that is pointing out weaknesses in the argument while accepting the basic assumptions of the author.
• Offer an ‘external critique’ in which you discuss the author’s central assumptions.
• Conclusion.

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