Article Literature Review

– Brief description of Facility Management

– Importance of FM in Business context ( Operational, Financial…)

– Decision Making in Maintenance Strategies and its importance on the long term

  • Types of Maintenance
  • Benefits of Condition Based Maintenance/Predictive maintenance

– Technological trends in FM and how they have changed the sector specially the Long term maintenance Strategies  (special focus on Big Data, Sensors, BAS  and applications of ML)

– Focus on ML techniques that help on Predicting equipment condition and thus the optimization of maintenance activities

– What is Fuzzy Logic, and how it is inserted in the ML field.

– How is Fuzzy Logic better than other approaches in the FM area

– Applications of FL in the FM (Condition assessments, equipment deterioration, failure risks, life-cycle costs)

–  Discussion around existing literature and the artifact provided

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