Article Critique

The objective of this exercise is to critically analyze an article and to demonstrate a succinct and effective writing style.  Each student will choose a different article, ideally related to an area related to their research interests; however, the article must be related to one of the seminar themes listed above.


The journal must be sufficiently academic.   Popular publications such as Time, MacLean and Newsweek would not be considered sufficiently academic.  The publication should contain articles from academics in the relevant field.  Potential academic journals include (but are not limited to):  Harvard Business Review, Academy of Management Executive, Academy of Management Review, Academic of Management Journal, Human Relations, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Vocational Behaviour, and Journal of Organizational Behaviour.   A copy of your journal article is to be submitted to the Professor one week prior to your seminar facilitation so that the articles may be posted for fellow students to read in preparation for seminar.


You will read your article and provide a critique.  Your critique should:


  • Be written concisely and clearly
  • Contain a brief summary of the article (no longer than 2 pages double-spaced)
  • Identify the strengths and weakness of the article (both content and style)
  • Discuss the relevance and importance of the article from the perspective as a scholar and as a leader
  • Link the article to course content making reference to course materials
  • Additional references should be used


The critique should address the following questions:


  • Are the objectives of the article clear? Does the author realize his/her objectives?
  • Why was the article written and for whom?
  • Does the material in the course support or refute the claims in the article? Which source is more compelling and why?
  • Has the author overlooked anything?
  • Are there instances where the author’s argument may not apply?
  • Does the author logically support his/her argument?
  • Are there other areas of research that flow from this paper or study?


Your critique should be 6-8 pages double-spaced maximum with an introduction and a conclusion.



Heller, D.E. & Rogers, K.R. Tert Educ Manag (2006) 12: 91.



Resources: Required books:

  1. Mor Barak, M. (2011 or 2013). Managing diversity: Toward a globally inclusive workplace. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.


  1. Anderson, R., & Billings-Harris, L. (2010). Trailblazers: How top business leaders are accelerating results through inclusion and diversity. Hoboken, NY: John Wiley & Sons.



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