Art History Project

Final Project, part 2:
Final Project, Oral Presentation
To earn up to the 100 points for this assignment, you must follow these directions and produce an oral presentation that is creative, thought-provoking, and original. You must follow all instructions and use all the analytic and evaluative skills you have acquired in this course. Return to the text, to the films, and to the lectures if you seek inspiration.

To your “Final Project” VoiceThread – you will now add your original thoughts, creating a multimedia presentation. Your carefully-prepared thoughts will be added as “Comments” to each slide. You may add your comments using recorded audio or recorded video, whichever suits you and your technological comfort best. [If you do not have the technical capability of doing an audio or video presentation, please ask your professor for permission to do this as a written report.]
Each image slide already includes an image and its attribution.
You will add comments to complete the project as described above:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Erase your original comment from the title page and replace it with a short introduction.
Each image slide should have one comment about how it is important and why (1 paragraph; i.e., 5-6 sentences of spoken material)
Each image slide should have at least one comment analyzing its human figures (1-2 paragraphs of spoken material)
Your final “Conclusions” slide will include at least two comments: one comparing and contrasting how the human figure has changed over time (1-2 paragraphs of spoken material) and one explaining why one image is your favorite (1 paragraph of spoken material)
Your oral presentation should be between five and ten minutes long. Presentations less than five minutes will lose 10 points for each minute it is short.
Be sure to read the project description below for the details of your Oral Presentation.
Project Description:
You have seen the changes in how the human figure is depicted throughout the periods and styles of the art history that we have studied this semester. For your final project, you will produce an oral presentation. You must select three works of art from three different periods and:

Identify them with:
The culture that created the work. Be specific.
Approximate date.
Materials the artwork is made of.
Location of the work now.
Cite the URL of the website where you found this image, and if it is an illustration in your textbook, include the page and figure number.
How each work is important within its own time period and style and explain why. (One paragraph of spoken material for each work of art, to be added as a comment to each corresponding slide.)
Analyze the human figure in each work. (1-2 paragraphs of spoken material for each work of art, to be added as a comment to each corresponding slide.)
What does the figure look like? Is it realistic? Is it stylized or abstracted? Is it idealized? Is it elongated? Explain why.
Is one part of the figure emphasized above others? Explain why.
Is one figure larger than others? Explain why.
Can you see the body of the figure through the clothes, if there are clothes? Explain why this is important for each work of art.
What is the context of the figure? Is the figure placed in a natural setting? Landscape? Building? By itself? Explain why.
Compare and contrast how the human figure has changed over time by describing similar and different details in each work of art. (1-2 paragraphs of spoken material to be added as a comment to the conclusion slide.)
How does the figure stay the same?
How does the figure change?
Explain why one of the 3 works of art is your favorite. (1 paragraph of spoken material to be added to the conclusion as a comment to the conclusion slide)

The three artworks are:
1. Suicide of Judas and Crucifixion plaque from a box
2. Kroisos, from Anavysos
3. Apulu (Apollo of Veii)

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