Armenian Genocide

This assignment will draw from your reading of the chapter in Survivors: An Oral History of the
Armenian Genocide and the viewing of the film Ararat.
1) Chose two characters from the film, Ararat. One of the characters needs to be Raffi or Celia. The other character is your choice.
• Ani
• Arshile Gorki
• Phillip’s Dad (Custom’s Agent)
• Ali
• Clarence Usher
• Jev-Det Bay
• Edward Saroyan (Director)
2) Describe each scene that best does the job of characterizing the response type of the two
characters you are comparing and contrasting to one another.
3) What response type (outlined in the Millers’ text, Survivors) best characterizes each of the characters? Use specific moments in the scene and the Survivors text to answer this question.
Essay Details
• Typed and MLA formatted
• 3-5 FULL pages
• Works Cited to include both the movie citation .
• The Works Cited page should also include the chapter “Survivor Responses to the
Genocide” from the Millers’ book from which the details regarding the “response types” come. The citation is in text of the assignment “Survivors Chapter Reading” on Canvas.

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