Area of Practise

Question 1

Simone de Beauvoir was the intellectual founder of the women’s liberation movement. Tailor this thesis statement into a message suitable for an audience of high school history students.

The women’s movement’s focus on issues related to sexual freedom, including reproductive rights, galvanized support among many younger women, but it cost the movement support among many older and more socially conservative women. Tailor this message for an audience consisting of students in a Women’s Studies class.

Question 2

Research a company that uses just in time (JIT) and/or Lean Six Sigma. Write a ten sentence synopsis about the company and how it has been impacted by the usage of JIT and/or Lean Six Sigma. Create this in a WORD document and upload the document to the digital drop box.

If you use a specific website, please reference it.

Question 3

Identify a Research Topic Based on your area of Interest/Concern to you from your own area of practise. Develop an appropriate research question- Discuss how the research findings could be utilized to improve patient/client care

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