Approaches to Teaching Phonics Assignment


Understanding the different approaches to teach phonics is imperative to your success as a reading teacher.  We have been uniquely and wonderfully made by God so teachers need to be able to instruct in a variety of ways to meet those differences.  There are several different approaches to phonics that are thoroughly discussed in our textbook.  Dive deep into understanding each of the different approaches so you will be able to use them when teaching phonics during your classroom instruction.   


Putting it into Practice:

You have a student who is struggling with your synthetic approach to teaching phonics.  Starting in Ch. 6 on page 153 section 6-5, your textbook gives you several different Approaches and Guidelines for Teaching Phonics.  Explain two alternative approaches to phonics instruction that you could use to help this student instead of using only the synthetic approach.  Describetwo specific approaches with examples.  Avoid discussing “Specific Teaching Strategies” described in Section 6-6.

  • Compose at minimum a 250-word response using proper grammar, spelling, and mechanics.
  • Adhere to current APA formatting.
  • Both alternative approaches described must be found in the course textbook.
  • Present your findings in one Word document using at least two direct quotes needing in-text citations with your references cited on a separate page.  Ensure each in-text citation from your textbook is made according to current APA format. 

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