Applying Cultural Humility

Cultural humility is easier said than done. After all, cultural humility is not a mere statement of intent or a checklist of good practices. It is a commitment to continue to recognize where you, as an individual or as an organization, need to learn more; to acknowledge that your approach and work with others can be better; to understand that your knowledge and expertise can have blind spots that can impact outcomes for services users in negative ways; and to concede that your service users can help teach you about new solutions and ways of offering services that can fit their cultures and worldviews. As a practitioner, and soon-to-be graduate of the MS Human Services program at Walden University, you should not be content with the knowledge of cultural humility as a best practice for human service organizations and practitioners. Rather, you should be capable of finding opportunities to put cultural humility into practice in real and tangible ways. To this end, you will review a cultural humility/safety policy or statement from a real human services organization and identify how to improve it or put it into practice.

To Prepare:

  • Review the Learning Resources and Course Announcements.
  • Research organizations within your area of focus and review their policy, commitments, or vision statement regarding cultural humility/safety.

Assignment 3 Pages Total

Submit an evaluation of the cultural humility/safety policy or statement from the organization you selected. In your evaluation:

  • Explain how the statement promotes cultural humility/safety within its organization and for its service users.
  • Explain how it can be improved.
  • If you were a leader at this organization, describe one practice you could implement or procedure you could improve to comply with the cultural humility/safety policy or statement. For example, you could consider how to update intake forms to be gender-neutral or adjust office hours so service users could have more access.

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