Applying Assessment Results for Continuum of Care

Readings for Discussion 1
Use the Capella Library to read the following:
• Brooks, F., & McHenry, B. (2015). A contemporary approach to substance use disorders and addiction counseling: A counselor’s guide to application and understanding (2nd ed). American Counseling Association.
• Chapter 11, “Relapse Prevention and Recovery,” pages 225–246.
• Storholm, E. D., Ober, A. J., Hunter, S. B., Becker, K. M., Iyiewuare, P. O., Pham, C., & Watkins, K. E. (2017). Barriers to integrating the continuum of care for opioid and alcohol use disorders in primary care: A qualitative longitudinal study. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 83, 45–54.
Use the Internet to read the following:
• Green, B., Lyerla, R., Stroup, D.F., Azofeifa, A., High, P.M. (2016). A tool for assessing a community’s capacity for substance abuse care. Preventing Chronic Disease, 13.
• Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. (2012). Comprehensive case management for substance abuse treatment: Treatment improvement protocol (TIP) series 27 [PDF].
• Chapter 1, “Substance Abuse and Case Management: An Introduction,” pages 1–12.
Discussion 1 Please put cited references with discussion
Applying Assessment Results for Continuum of Care
After completing the readings for this unit, utilize the ASI that was completed for the client in the chosen case study in Unit 6 and discuss the continuum of care that is most appropriate based on the data collected from the assessment. Include the following:

  1. Intervention strategies.
  2. Treatment strategies.
  3. 3.Post-treatment strategies.

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