demonstrate your knowledge on cognitive behavioral therapy in a 6-8 page paper (not including title page and reference page). A psychological intervention is defined as a treatment which promotes change and wellbeing, by utilizing talk therapy, and/or behavioral strategies. Psychological interventions do not include medications, pharmaceuticals, or any form of biological treatment (e.g., Electroconvulsive therapy). Do not choose to research a drug, or some other therapy (e.g., physical therapy, occupational therapy, massage,). The topic should fall within the realm of Clinical Psychology.

This paper will focus on the effectiveness of a particular psychological intervention for a DSM disorder or cultural group (e.g., child therapy, Latinos, LGBTQ, veterans, women). If you choose to focus on a disorder, make sure to include a description of disorder based on DSM 5.

The paper should include the following: (1) Introduction to your topic (2) description of the treatment (3) explanation of why this treatment has been used with this particular population & description of the problems/disorders it targets (4) review of 2 peer reviewed journal articles that examine the effectiveness of the treatment; and (5) conclusions about the effectiveness of the therapy (e.g., Does the treatment work and why does it work?). APA format and APA style writing is required (see owl purdue website on iLearn and/or APA reference manual). You must include citations and use scientific writing. Quotes are strongly discouraged, however you may include one quote if you feel it would add to your paper.
Minimum 6 peer reviewed articles required and at least 2 on efficacy
o Need to cite throughout by providing references
o Cannot cite websites

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