Angular Velocity

Question 1

  1. In a manufacturing plant as part of a certain process, a cylindrical drum of diameter 0.7 m and mass 15kg is rolled down an incline from rest. The radius of gyration of each drum is 0.3m. If the drum rolls down the slope without slipping and descends a height of 0.5m, calculate the following:

  2. The moment of inertia, I, of the drum

  3. The angular velocity of the drum

  4. The linear velocity of the drum

  5. The potential energy lost by the drum

  6. The kinetic energy gained by the drum

Given that the angular velocity ω, is calculated using the equation; (P 2.2)

Screenshot from 2018-07-18 15-56-41

  1. Using the principle of conservation of energy derive the equation for ω given in question 1. (M 3)

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