Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Body

It is important to have a good understanding of anatomy and physiology when working in the funeral service industry. The body is covered by the largest organ (the skin) and is supported from within by the foundation (the skeletal system). As you know, all our body organ systems must work together in order to keep us alive and well. The human body can tell us a lot about the status of an individual during post-mortem examinations.

Choose one of following systems: integumentary, skeletal, muscular, or cardiovascular


You should develop an original study aid (poster, Quizlet sets, electronic flashcards, pamphlet, word document, video, etc.). You will share your study aid on the weekly discussion forum. Please DO NOT submit a study aid that was created by someone else. This is a breach of academic integrity and it will result in a zero grade. Please provide a list of links to any outside sources used in your discussion post.

  1. Give an overall sense of the organization and function of the human body systems that has been chosen by the group. You MUST include one or more of the following:

• An explanation of the organ system’s purpose.
• An explanation of which organs make up the system.
• An explanation of the function of these organs within the system.
• Include Diagrams and/or illustrations of the system
• The relationship of this system to other body systems.
• A brief explanation of the medical problems / diseases that can be associated with this body system.

  1. The study aid should review an anatomical concept that you’ve learned this quarter. The goal is to use these resources to prepare for the final exam.

Project Requirements:

  Study Aid [50 pts] + Post to Discussion [15 pts]

o You will be sharing your study aid with class via the discussion forum. You can create a handout, infographic, video, Quizlet, review game, or other approved multimedia [50 points].
o You must post your study aid to the designated discussion forum [10 points].
o You should reply to at least two peers with substantive feedback by Sunday, Dec 10 at 11:59 PM EST [5 points].

In addition to your textbook and notes, you are required to use three external resources. Scholarly resources are authoritative and credible materials produced by experts and researchers in specific academic fields, subject to rigorous peer review, and typically found in academic journals, conference proceedings, books, and research reports. You can also use resources like government publications, trade literature, and encyclopedias/dictionaries. See this resource for evaluating resources:

Some Example Resources for Study Aid Creation:

Create review game –

Create a jeopardy game- Quizlet-
Create flashcards-

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