Analyzing the Achievement Gap

  • For this assignment, candidates will prepare a literature review on the current research surrounding the achievement gap in the U.S. 
  • Candidates may choose to focus their examination of the research on particular groups of students (SPECIAL EDUCATION students); candidates may choose to analyze the studies pertaining to a general perspective on the achievement gap in the U.S or explore national/international educational performance.  Through this assignment, candidates will be examining the most recent efforts to eliminate achievement gaps through instructional and curricular decisions.

The literature review should include a minimum of 10 scholarly resources.  Candidates will be expected to conduct academic searches to locate the most recent published research findings and/or sources of pertinent academic data. 

The assignment itself should be 5-7 pages of double- spaced text in 12 point Times New Roman font, and should include as a minimum, the following components:

  1. Overview of the Special Education Issue Examined (Related to Achievement Gap)
  • Examination of the current educational research on Achievement Gaps (organized by emerging themes if desired).  The literature should be analyzed and methodologies, theoretical frameworks as well as findings should be discussed in detail.
  • Implications of the findings of the reviewed literature for curriculum and instruction.  Analyze how these studies have sought to examine or eradicate the current achievement gaps in the US.

4) Reflection of implications of the research on own personal practice. (Special Education EBD Classroom) Evaluate the research and provide a personal/professional context for how this research may impact instructional/curriculum design.   

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