Analyzing Branding Theories

Learning Outcome

1. Analyze branding theories through various theoretical lenses.

(2.000-2.200 words)

Required: Analyze theories by investigating the history of an individual brand, and its brand strategies.

Purpose: The purpose of this project is to give the student the opportunity to develop an understanding of the theories pertaining to the brand management area, as a contemporary marketing tool. This project addresses the acquaintance of students with the most up-to-date branding theories on a topic given.  The topic given is: Researching the history of a Greek brand, through archival research.

The discussion should be based on 10 articles that the student should read, dated 2020 onwards from any academic source students may decide to study (APA referencing). The discussion of the theories should be clear, and specific. The various theoretical lenses are the different approaches the students will study and present in their papers.


For your research on the analysis of the above questions, you need to use library sources and to study several academic journals. Your written assignment should include 10 journal references.

Additionally, secondary data sources such as market reports, company’s website, company or trade publications, as well as personal interviews with company managers could be used to support your answers in the above questions. You can search for academic articles through the Library’s databases (EBSCO). Some recommended journals are provided below. In addition, relevant articles can be identified from International Marketing books.

– Journal of International Marketing

– International Marketing Review

– European Journal of Marketing

– Journal of Marketing Management

– Journal of Product & Brand Management

– Journal of Brand Management 

Originality and Authenticity

The rules of academic ethics apply to this assignment, including the requirement that the student undertakes the written project without improper or unauthorized assistance from anyone. If it is determined that the project is not the work of the student, the instructor may grade the project as an F.

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