Analytical and Contextual Article Analysis

Assignment: #2

Points: 20 


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One of the exercises in this course is focusing on reading variety of research work, understanding them and write about them. This assignment is one among the many:

Choose one of the short articles listed below. Read carefully and think about the article critically (in an analytical and contextual frame of thinking). Write a MINIMUM of two or more-paragraph summary of the research findings (at least two but preferably more. I encourage you to write more). In other words, your paper should be a minimum of two paragraphs but could be as much as 6-8 paragraphs. In the context of your essay, you can use the graphs (copy and paste from the article. Don’t forget to Refer to the source) and incorporate them into your paper. Pay attention to your writing. The format is formal, academic, and factual. Please avoid your personal opinions. Stay focused on the points mentioned in the article.

  1. Dying young in the United Stated: What’s driving high death rates among Americans under age 25 and what can be done?
  2. Children Are at the Forefront of U.S. Racial and Ethnic Change – Population Reference Bureau (
  3. 2020 U.S. Population More Racially and Ethnically Diverse Than Measured in 2010 (


**Just to be sure, please focus on facts and on the main points of the article. With academic writing and research reporting, we do not base our writing on personal opinion. So please focus on the facts only. These articles are summaries of research and data analysis on the subject matter. Your summary should be clear, concise, straight forwarding and what the article is reported.

***Bring in concepts and points from your readings to your essay. That will enhance your essay and therefore you can gain more points for that.

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