Analysis through Definition


Understand the Assignment

Generate Ideas

Develop a Thesis Statement

Organize Ideas

1. What do you think are the most important elements of a definitional argument that you need to include in your essay?

2. Write a draft thesis statement for this assignment:

3. Write a multi-paragraph essay providing (defining) your personal criteria for happiness and exploring whether or not you have achieved happiness based on these criteria.

4. Make sure your thesis is interesting, arguable, and includes what you think are the two most important criteria for happiness.



6. For each of the two criteria you used for your thesis statement, provide two examples or explanations for why those elements are necessary for happiness (your thesis is listed below for your reference). Make sure that your support is strong and convincing to your reader.
7. Your Thesis Statement: ?

8. Now that you have identified your criteria for happiness, write a statement about whether or not you match your definition of happiness and explain why.

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