Analysis and Plan

Note – 2,500 word maximum (excludes Works Cited page)

  • Read and Analyze the article – HR is not your friend: Here’s Why;
    • Use content from Weeks 5, 6, and 7 as well as the articles listed below to develop a plan for Microsoft to deal with its gender-related issues as described in the article above. Provide detailed explanations (based on theories/concepts used in our course) for each element of your plan. In addition to assigned content, you may also use outside research
    • Bold and underline all concepts/theories used in your analysis and plan.
    • Use footnotes to cite all sources used in the analysis within the body of the paper (don’t just include them on the Works Cited page (described below)
  • Create a Works Cited page
    • Include the name of each article, video, exercise, or PPT lecture used and cited in your analysis.
    • Sources are listed in alphabetical order and are listed only one time regardless of the number of times you use them in your analysis.
  • Grading Criteria for Paper
    • Sophistication of ability to recognize issues in the case
    • Broad use of concepts in your analysis
    • Level of understanding of concepts/theories used to analyze the case
    • Broad use of course resources (e.g., only using PPTs vs using PPTs, readings, videos, etc)
    • Adherence to required format of the paper
    • Adherence to instructions for Works Cited page

Additional articles to use on the exam

How hard should you push diversity?

Managing Diversity in the Netherlands

Beyond the Business Case for Diversity

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