An Analysis of Group Behavior   

Using a critical perspective, each student will write a paper about human behavior in groups, based on a group that the student knows well. This paper is to be your analysis of the theory and concepts presented in this class as applied to the group you have selected: theories of human behavior, systems theory, group theory, group dynamics, stages of group development, problem-solving, diversity, oppression, and values and ethics, and links with other research as main components of your analysis.

Specifically, you should address the following:
• Analyze the group dynamics related to: group structure (group composition, group roles, group tasks, membership position and status), group goals and tasks, group norms, group cohesion, and group communication which promote social and economic justice.
• Discuss the stages of group development, and how these stages progressed over time (Pre- affiliation, Power and Control, Intimacy, Differentiation, and Separation)
• Identify and discuss issues which arose in your work group as related to: Gender, Age, Physical and Mental Ability, Class, Race or Multicultural Issues, including Rurality. How did these issues affect the group’s behavior and stages of development? Discuss if/how social and economic justice was achieved.
• Discuss ethical issues in the movie. How were they resolved?
• Discuss implications for generalist social work practice in the rural context.

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