American Social Welfare Policy

Students will submit a term paper and deliver a video presentation on that paper. Students will
analyze a particular American social welfare policy, including its historical development,
eligibility criteria, service provision, delivery, administration and financing (an outline is provided,
which must be followed in its entirety). Research will focus on the use of current literature such
as refereed journals or reliable websites (excluding ‘.com’ sites) and will reflect the student’s
ability to distinguish, appraise, and integrate multiple sources of knowledge.

The analysis should consider:
• The impact of the policy on diverse client systems
• The advancement human rights and social and economic justice as it relates to targeted
populations. The role of the social work (if any) in advocating for the policy and consider
ethical issues that will impact the health and well-being of individuals, families, groups,
communities and organizations.
• The student will take a position on a particular policy area, supporting her/his view with
current research and from rural and international perspectives.
• Papers must be typed, double spaced and approximately 14 pages in length. As in all
graduate classes, graduate level writing skills are expected. The paper should meet all APA
style writing standards. A persuasive presentation is to be delivered in a professional

Term Paper Outline (must follow):

  1. Introduction—State the selected policy
  2. Approach—state how the policy is organized and methods used (discuss the structure of
    the policy)
  3. Need—State the needs the policy attempts to address
  4. Assessment—state what is at stake (feasibility; quality; effectiveness). Is the policy
    meeting the need? Are there conflicts in values? How likely will there be for
    misinterpretations and misapplications of the policy?
    a. Values (efficiency, adequacy, and equity)
  5. Stakeholder Values at micro, mezzo, and macro level (first identify who the
    stakeholders are before and after the policy was enacted) (fraternity, equality,
  6. Social Work Values
    b. Strengths
    c. Weaknesses
    d. Intended Consequences
    e. Unintended Consequences
  7. Logistics—state the effects of implementing the policy and its implications (cost,
    efficiency, adequacy and goal attainment)
  8. Your Reaction—discuss your position on policy
  9. Conclusion

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