American History Puritanism


IDs: choose 5 of the terms below to write on. Worth 10 points. NOTE: As you write on these terms, consider applying the “Five W’s” to as much of each term as applies (who/what/where/when/why). For the “why” part of each term, try to think about that term’s broader historical significance. Try to explain why this term has been chosen from all the material covered so far in class – why is it so important/representative/prescient in the early history of the United States?




The Atlantic Slave Trade

Seven Years’ War (French and Indian War)


Stamp Act

Intolerable Acts

“Common Sense”

Declaration of Independence

Essay Questions: Choose one of the two essay questions below to write on. Worth 10 points Note: Try to organize your essay into the five-paragraph model: an introduction; at least three body paragraphs; and a conclusion. The introduction should lay out exactly what points each of their body paragraphs will address, and also summarize the major point they will make in their conclusion. The conclusion both summarizes the major arguments of the essay and attempts to answer the broader lessons & significance of the question under consideration.

1. What do you think were the three primary long-term causes of the American Revolution? Why do you think those were most important?

2. How should students of history remember the legacy of Native Americans from the time of contact with Europeans to the end of the American Revolution? What things contributed to the collapse of their traditional ways of life? Could they have done anything differently to avoid losing their land and people to European colonization, or was it inevitable? Why or why not?

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